What denomination is DRF?

DRF is non-denominational. Click here to view our statement of faith.

What should I wear?

At DRF you will find people dressed casually (jeans, t-shirts) and some who are wearing dressier clothing. Dress however you feel most comfortable and you’ll fit in just fine!

What type of worship music does DRF have?

The worship music at DRF is mostly contemporary. Our band currently consists of acoustic guitar, bass guitar and keys.

Do you have a nursery or child care?

On Sundays we do have child care for little ones who are newborn to 3 years old and a children’s class for preschoolers starting at 4 years old through first grade, both downstairs. On Wednesdays, we have child care for little ones and preschoolers and children’s Bible study for up to 6th grade. 

 Where do you meet?

Our address is116 W. Ennis Ave. on the corner of Ennis Avenue and Dallas Street. Our main entrance is on the Ennis Avenue side and is a single door with a DRF sign on it. Once you enter, take the stairs to the second floor, and there will be someone to greet you and help you. There is also a side entrance from Dallas Street. An elevator is available for those who aren’t able to do the stairs.
If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask, or you can call ahead at any time.

On Wednesdays we meet upstairs for bible study at 6:45pm.


Auri with Balloon

Damascus Road Fellowship 
116 W. Ennis Avenue
P O Box 8612
Ennis, Texas 75120